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Disclosure of Ownership

Advanced Center for Surgery is proud to be associated with the following physicians who have ownership interest in the surgery center. 

Adam Budny, DPM

Robert J. Caughey, MD

Richard C. Howells II, MD

Christopher McClellan, MD

Joshua Port, MD

Angela W. Rowe, DO

Robert J. Singer, DO

William A. Tyndall, MD

Advanced Center for Surgery is located at:

3280 Pleasant Valley Blvd, Altoona, Pennsylvania  16602     

The federal laws that govern Medicare, Medicaid, and other federally funded programs and the public law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (28 $ 553.2) require that physicians who have an investment in an ambulatory surgery center inform their patients of this investment.            

Should you prefer to seek treatment at another surgery center in which your physician does not have an investment, this office can assist you in selecting an alternative facility and scheduling you an appointment.   

Your choice of facilities may be limited by your health plan and you may want to consult your health insurer or employer prior to making an alternate selection. 

If you wish to have your surgery performed at another facility other than Advanced Center for Surgery, be assured your choice of facility will in no way diminish the quality of care that you receive from this ambulatory surgical facility.