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At Advanced Center for Surgery, we perform a comprehensive range of advanced specialty outpaitent surgical services. Unlike traditional hospitals, where outpatient and inpatient surgeries are performed, Advanced Center for Surgery is designed and staffed specifically for specialized outpatient surgeries only. By this unique focus on orthopedic, podiatric (foot and ankle), ear, nose, and throat and pain managment outpatient procedures, our staff is experienced and dedicated in giving you the individualized specialty care you deserve.

Advantages of Advanced Center for Surgery

  • Comfort—Advanced Center for Surgery was designed specifically with patients and their loved ones in mind. This means we offer amenities designed to make your experience as comfortable as possible.
  • Sophistication—Opened in 2012, Advanced Center for Surgery is one of the most advanced outpatient surgical facilities in the area.
  • Safety—Studies have long shown that outpatient surgery centers offer a lower risk of surgical site infection than outpatient surgeries performed at traditional hospitals.
  • Efficiency—Our staff is highly focused on just a few specialties, and because of this, they have a high degree of experience with your surgery and care.